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Fun DIY Solar Porch Chandelier

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Do you enjoy relaxing out on your porch after a long day? We sure do! What we don’t enjoy are the BUGS! The bug zapper can only do so much! Lol

I’ve been trying to find some alternative lighting for our porch that doesn’t have the overbearing brightness of our porch lights and that doesn’t use much or any electricity.

I’ve been seeing these DIYs where people use candle holders or old chandeliers and they put solar lights where the candle or lightbulb would go. They are adorable! So..

Today, when we were out thrifting, we found the best of both worlds! We found a set of candle sconces. We picked up a couple of solar lights at the Dollar General on our way home. They were only $1.00 each!

Candle holder sconces and solar lights

We were not happy with the color of the sconces, so we spray painted them black.

Spray painting candle sconces

Painting candle sconces

After the paint dried. We added our solar lights. We took the lamp part off of the stake because that is the only part that we needed. I will keep the stake part in my crafting elements stash! You never know!

solar light pieces

They were not a perfect fit into the candleholder, so I wrapped the bottom with twine and hot glued to secure it. I then twisted the light into the candle holder.

wrap the solar light end with twine

The sconces fit perfectly back to back, so we zip tied them together and ended up with this simple solar chandelier!

candle sconce chandelier

DIY solar lamp

solar chandelier

solar candle sconce

It looks like one piece doesn’t it?! I’m crazy happy at how it turned out! I can’t wait to find more so I can add more to our porch! I have it on our back porch currently, but I plan to hang it using a chain above one of our rocking chairs on the front porch. It’s late, so I wanted to get a picture of it for y’all! I’ll post a new picture once I hang it where I want it! How fun was that, though!? I hope you will make one of your own and share it with us! Thanks for visiting our site! Have a blessed evening!

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