Frosted Glass Candle Holder – Pickle Jar Crafts

Frosted Glass Candle Holder – Pickle Jar Crafts

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If you have been looking for ways to re-use that empty glass jar, turn it into this adorable frosted glass candle holder with just a couple of crafting elements! 

What you will need for this project

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Step One

Cover an area to work on and pour down a good amount of epsom salt onto the surface. Paint mod podge over the entire surface of a clean, empty glass jar. My son, Kole, wanted to help with this part. 

Step Two

After your jar is covered with mod podge, you will roll it in the epsom salt to create your frosted glass effect. If there are areas of your jar that do not get covered with the salt, pickup a handful and sprinkle it over the jar to cover it completely. You will let the jar dry overnight before you try to add your embellishments. 

rolling pickle jar in epsom salt

Next, add your twine to the rim of the jar. Start with a dab of hot glue, and just keep hot gluing and wrapping your twine until it’s covered like this. 

Twine wrapped around the rim of a frosted pickle jar

Final Step

Last, you will add your embellishments. I added greenery, berries, and a twine bow. 

Pop a tea light inside and you have a gorgeous lighting element to add to your farmhouse winter decor! This would be sweet on a coffee table, or a fireplace mantle. I used a candle stand that I made using dollar tree pieces to set my two candles at different heights. I absolutely love how this frosted glass candle holder turned out! There are lots of other things you can make with empty glass jars! Here is another great idea! Apothecary jars

Your frosted glass candle holder is complete!

Frosted glass candle holder

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frosted glass candle holder

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