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Foam Cone Seashell Christmas Tree

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Do you live on the coast or dream about living on the coast and have beach decor in your home? I’m here to help! We spent the last week at the beach and I gathered shells from the sand right in front of our place there. I was able to make a couple of really cute Christmas trees with those shells! 

This is what you will need for this project 

  • Foam cone from the Dollar Tree. If you would like to make various sizes, you can get a pack from Amazon, and they still come out at $1.00 each! Get them here*.
  • White or cream yarn
  • Seashells of your choice. They do sell shells at the Dollar Tree, but I’m not sure if they include enough of the right kind for this project. If you have access to the beach, that is ideal of course, but if not, Amazon also has shells*! These are not the exact ones that I used, but I would have loved to, because they are my favorite! What doesn’t Amazon have? 
  • Small starfish*
  • Ribbon from the Dollar Tree
  • Glue gun and glue
  • White glue
  • Iridescent glitter

The first thing you will do is line your foam cone with white or cream yarn. You will use hot glue every now and then to make sure your yarn does not slip off. You’re adding the yarn so your shells will adhere better and so you won’t see the foam through your shell cover. I used this yarn. 

Foam Shell Christmas Tree 10
Foam Shell Christmas Tree 09

Just keep wrapping until you’ve wrapped the entire foam cone. 

Foam Shell Christmas Tree 08
Foam Shell Christmas Tree 07

After the cone is wrapped, you will start adding your shells. I started at the bottom and layered as I moved up. I tried starting at the top, but I didn’t like how the shells were laying, so ripped them off and started at the bottom. 

Foam Shell Christmas Tree 06

Keep layering shells until your cone is completely covered. 

Foam Shell Christmas Tree 05
Foam Shell Christmas Tree 04

After all of your shells are glued on, you can make your tree topper. I used ribbon that I got from the Dollar Tree and just layered simple bows to make one big bow. You can use the criss cross method instead or any other method that you choose. I added a small starfish to the center of my bow to finish it off. 


Before I added my bow topper, I brushed white glue onto the entire tree and dusted it with the iridescent glitter. You can use any color of glitter here. I think a turquoise glitter might be pretty, too! 

Foam Shell Christmas Tree 03

What do you think?! I love how it turned out! I made the other seashell tree, too! See how to make it here! The starfish decor piece on the left will be featured in an upcoming blog post. I gifted these to my sister who lives in South FL to use in her home this Christmas. She sent me this picture today! I think it’s perfect! Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

*This blog post contains affiliate links. We make a small commission, at no extra cost to you. 🙂 


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