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Farmhouse Pallet Wood Sign

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I follow a lot of farmhouse decor blogs and was inspired by one farmhouse pallet wood sign in particular this week, so we decided to bring it to life! My husband took the day off, so we gathered up some pallet wood boards and got to work! Some people rest and relax on their days off, but not us!

scrap pallet boards ready for crafting

Let’s get started on our farmhouse pallet wood sign!

We started by laying seven boards side by side. Next, we put a couple boards underneath, on either end, laying perpendicular to the rest, in order to attach all the boards together.

pallet wood boards laid side by side to make a sign

Afterwards, we lined them up straight. I mean, as straight as you can get pallet wood – but we’re going for imperfectly perfect anyway, right? Lol Last, we nailed the top seven boards to the two boards underneath using a nail gun. The two boards underneath were a little long so we had to cut them down using a handheld reciprocating saw.

cutting pallet wood boards with a saw and attaching them together with a staple gun

Next up was the paint! See how easy this is so far? Get some pallet wood and make one! It’s fun! The hard part is coming, though. We didn’t completely cover it with the paint because we live in a farmhouse so our decor needs to match! Instead, we just kind of brushed up and down without any direction or precision.

painting pallet wood board

Our pallet wood backdrop is complete!

painted pallet wood board

So, if you’ve not been able to guess what we’re making so far, it’s going to be a sign for above our headboard! This is what we currently have above our headboard. It’s nothing special and just something I threw up there from what I had in my decor arsenal, but I’ve always wanted to change it!


the before picture of our bedroom wall

First, I was going to make customized stencils to paint on the words for our sign, but I decided to try HTV instead, which is heat transfer vinyl. Initially, I started with the first word only, to test it on the pallet wood. Surprisingly, the HTV worked great! It took a little more elbow grease, but it adhered to the pallet wood great! I used my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine for this process. 

adding vinyl to the pallet wood sign

Then I used my regular clothing iron to adhere it. The cotton setting is perfect and make sure it is set to dry. Oh, don’t forget your parchment paper! Additionally, I had to cut the vinyl in the places where it covered the slats in the boards and then iron over those areas to adhere them down.

rowenta iron

After we adhered all the words, we added a metal key that I had picked up at Goodwill a while back. It was perfect! My husband had to sand down the back for it to lay flat. Then, he drilled holes into the key and attached it to the board with screws.

adding the metal key to the farmhouse pallet wood bedroom sign

Last, we then added hangers to the back and my husband hung it above our headboard in our bedroom! What do ya think about our farmhouse pallet wood sign?! I am absolutely in love with it and think it is the perfect addition to our farmhouse decor! Tell us what you think in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed this blog post! We hope you will stick around for more!


bed and breakfast pallet wood sign farmhouse bedroom rustic decor

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farmhouse pallet wood sign bed and breakfast bedroom rustic sign

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