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Farmhouse Milk Bottles DIY – How to Create Trendy Kitchen Decor

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Do you save your used food jars? Maybe you toss them, maybe you recycle them.. well, how about you keep them?! I love this salsa that they sell at Walmart. We get at least two bottles of it per week. Salsa goes on just about everything and of course, we like chips and salsa, too! Well, they just happen to be the perfect shape for this project, my Farmhouse Milk Bottles! Make sure to also check out our other Trash to Treasure Ideas!

Farmhouse milk bottles diy graphic that shows a before and after picture of a salsa jar turned into milk bottles by My Eclectic Treasures

Supplies needed for this DIY:

  • Used food jars with a graduated size neck
  • White or cream spray paint
  • Vinyl decals
salsa jar from Walmart

The first thing you want to do is clean your jars really well. I use lemon or orange essential oil to remove the adhesive from the paper label. Then I wash and dry them. After they are dry, I rub them down with alcohol to remove any leftover oils because I will be painting them. 

salsa jars cleaned and ready to be used in a farmhouse craft

The paint that I used is Rust-Oleum satin spray paint in Heirloom White. You can use plain white or cream, too. I just sprayed the outside of the jar, not the inside. Also didn’t worry about the bottom of the jar either, but you can paint every inch of yours if you’d like. 

clean salsa jars being spray painted

After it was painted, I let it dry for 24 hours to let it cure because I’m going to be adding vinyl lettering to it and I needed it to be completely dry. 

salsa jar spray painted

The words that I chose for my milk jars were Farm Fresh Milk. I used a Rae Dunn inspired font and thickened it up just a tad. Here you can see the vinyl lettering process. 

vinyl decal that says fresh prior to weeding

farm vinyl decal

vinyl decal with transfer tape applied

After the transfer tape is applied to the words, I added them to my jars. I also added twine around the threads and tied on a black gingham bow around the neck of the jar. 

vinyl decal being removed from backing

vinyl decal being applied to milk jar

Once I had all my words applied, I placed them into this metal tray that I found at the thrift store! It was a perfect fit! You can find trays like this at Hobby Lobby and your home stores. You could also just use a crate, which would be more appropriate I guess, but just use what you have. The last thing I did was add a bit of greenery to each jar and that was it! My farmhouse milk bottles were complete! 

farmhouse milk jars made from salsa jars

How do you like my farmhouse milk bottles DIY?

These would sit perfectly on a kitchen shelf or on top of your cabinets! What about in a China cabinet?? Wherever you put them, they are sure to be a statement piece and you can surprise your family and friends when you tell them you made them out of salsa jars! Lol 

farmhouse milk jars kitchen decor DIY

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farmhouse milk jars

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