Farmhouse Easter Bunnies – The No-Sew Version!

Farmhouse Easter Bunnies – The No-Sew Version!

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Easter is right around the corner, y’all! If you are into the farmhouse trend that is wildly popular right now, this is the perfect Easter DIY! These Easter bunnies are simple to make and I show you how you can incorporate some recycling into this project! 

The supplies you will need to make your farmhouse Easter bunnies :

  • Fabric of your choice. I used farmhouse inspired colors and patterns; burlap, white, and buffalo plaid. 
  • Bunny printable template
  • Scissors, pins, and rotary cutter
  • Stuffing or used plastic grocery bags
  • Glue gun and hot glue
  • Ribbon of choice. I used a black buffalo plaid, a burlap, and a pink buffalo plaid for mine.

Let's make some bunnies!

Start off by printing and cutting out this bunny template. I found this template on Pinterest, but could never find the original author, otherwise, I would have linked to their page. 

bunny printable template

After you cut out your template, pin it to your fabric pieces. Use a rotary cutter to trim the fabric around the template. Once your fabric pieces are cut, pin the two pieces together just to prevent it from coming apart while you attach them to one another. 

The way that I attached them together is with hot glue. You can sew the two pieces together if you wish. Gluing was easier and I believe is just as secure. Start off by gluing the ear pieces together. Once they are attached, you will then stuff them. You can use pillow stuffing. Sometimes, I like to use cut up recycled plastic grocery bags. First, I smooth the bag out flat. Then, I fold it up long ways and cut strips out of it. For the ears, I did have to use a skewer to help push the stuffing into them.

I continued to glue and stuff until it was complete. 

Next, I added a bow to the bunny’s neck. You can see the different fabric/ribbon combinations that I used in the main picture. I just tied on the buffalo plaid ribbons. I made a bow using the awareness ribbon method, tying it with twine. Then, I tied the twine around the neck. 

White stuffed bunny

That was it! The farmhouse Easter bunnies are done!

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farmhouse fabric bunnies burlap, white and buffalo plaid gingham easter basket

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    1. JRandLBriska

      Thank you so much!

  1. Jeana Tedder

    Hi. I love the bunny. How can I download it to my computer. Please advise.

    Thank you.🐰

    1. JRandLBriska

      You should be able to right click and it will give you an option to save it. Thank you so much!

  2. Josie Arthur

    I love all of this I do not do computers but I love doing crafts how can I get a template of this without being able to print is there anywhere I can subscribe to get one mailed to me . The pattern?

    1. JRandLBriska

      You could take your device with the template on it to a shipping store or a Kinko’s type store and have them print it for you. ☺️

  3. Megan

    Hi, I’m not able to print it properly when I save it, so I’m curious how tall and how wide is the bunny? That way I can print small and keep enlarging it until the proper size. Thanks 😀

    1. JRandLBriska

      The bunny is over 10 inches tall from the feet all the way to the tip of the tallest ear and it is over 5 inches wide.

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