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Farm House Signs – Gallery Wall Project

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Oh my goodness, y’all! These are the easiest signs you will ever make! It’s still only January, but here in the south, we start to garden around February, the hardy stuff anyway. So, when I was in the Dollar General, I spied this cow garden stake (they had a rooster, too). I grabbed them faster than a chicken on a June bug! Ha! I remembered I had these paint sticks from the Home Depot, so I knew immediately I wanted to make some farm house signs! 

famers market cow metal garden pick and a pack of paint sticks for farm house signs

Supplies needed for this project

Let's get started on your new farm house signs!

First step : For the rooster sign, you will need ten paint sticks; a whole pack. Line up eight of them side by side. There might be a ruler on one side of the stick, so make sure all sticks are facing the same side. Use another paint stick or a ruler to draw a line where you will need to cut. There is a curve in each one where you are supposed to hold the stick, that you will want to remove. Draw your line right behind that curved area. Use your wire cutters and make a depression on each side and then it will just snap off. This method avoids having to use any power tools.  

Step two : Once you cut them all, line them up, offsetting every other one. Add a line of hot glue along the right side and place another cut paint stick onto the glue to hold them all together. Do the same to the other side. 

Step three : using your pliers, remove the hanger from the garden stake and glue it onto the back of the wall hanging that you just made. 

Step four : Use a pencil to define where the sticks meet. Afterwards, paint the whole piece with the white paint. Do not do a full coat. Just paint a light coat. Come back with your black paint to age it. 

Step five : Remove the stake part from the metal rooster. Use your pliers for this step as well. 

Step six : add a piece of styrofoam to the back of the metal rooster with hot glue. Afterwards, add the rooster to the paint stick board with hot glue as well. 

Your farm house signs are ready!

rooster and cow farm house signs made with garden stakes and paint sticks

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dollar general farm house signs using paint sticks and garden picks

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