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Farm Fresh Pumpkin Frame : Dollar Tree Fall DIY

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I recently found this heavy wooden frame at a yard sale and for only $2.00, I wasn’t about to pass it up! Turns out, it was perfect for this fall project that I had in mind! Woot! You can use any frame though and it will turn out just as adorable. Use what you got! Keep scrolling to see how I made this farm fresh pumpkin frame! 

heavy wooden thrifted frame being used for a fall project

Supplies Needed for This Project :

  • Frame
  • Foam pumpkin
  • cork
  • twine
  • Paint (fall colors)
  • Moss
  • Ribbon or raffia 
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Knife or tool for cutting foam
  • Wooden letters from Dollar Tree

Let’s Get Started!

The first thing I did was to dry brush the frame with a mustard color. This color happened by accident as it was for another project that didn’t end up turning out. It was literally the perfect color for this project though, so I was happy that it didn’t go to waste. 

wooden frame being dry brushed with mustard colored yellow paint

I know y’all have seen these pumpkins at your Dollar Tree. They just have them in a cardboard bin mixed together with all sorts of other pumpkins. These might appear cheap looking but they are great little project pumpkins. 


They come with these very easily removable stems that I rarely use, so I just popped that right out. Don’t worry, we’ll add a new, much nicer stem. 

removing the plastic stem from a dollar tree pumpkin

Two For One Pumpkin!

I only wanted to use half of the pumpkin, so I cut this one in half. Please be careful when doing this. 

cutting a foam pumpkin in half

Next up, I painted the whole thing with the same accidental mustard color that I used on the frame. I added a couple of coats because I was using acrylic paint. If you use chalk paint, you might be able to get away with only one coat. 

painting a split dollar tree pumpkin with mustard color

Once the paint was dry, I wrapped the pumpkin with the twine, along the ridges to give it a little more definition. Plus, I like rustic decor, and twine is very rustic in my opinion. Always gotta have our twine! lol 

a foam pumpkin split in two, painted mustard color and twine used to accent the ridges

Next, I glued the pumpkin onto the frame back. I had removed the glass from the frame, but you could leave it. hot glue and glass don’t play well together so I removed it. 

split pumpkin added to a rustic frame for a fall DIY

One thing that I like to use as a stem for my pumpkins are corks! If you’re a wine drinker, don’t toss those corks! But if you’re not a wine drinker, you can find corks at thrift stores, craft stores, and they even sell them on Amazon. 

wine cork being used as a stem on a pumpkin

Now, I didn’t need the entire cork, as it was too tall, so I cut it in half. 

a cork cut in half to be used as a stem for a pumpkin

You can attach the cork as is, but I like to wrap the corks with twine.

adding twine to a cork to be used as a stem for a pumpkin

Don’t you think this looks rustic? 

half of a wine cork wrapped in twine to be used for a pumpkin stem

It’s starting to come together!

twine wrapped cork added to a painted foam pumpkin as a stem

I love me some gingham or buffalo plaid, so I had to add a small bow to my pumpkin stem. Something I did not add here is a leaf or any curly twine. I wanted this pumpkin to be simple. Less is more sometimes, right?

Let’s Add Our Final Details to our Farm Fresh Pumpkin Frame!

Have you see these wooden words at the Dollar Tree?? These are fabulous and at 6 for only $1.00, that is a heck of a deal! 

wooden words from the Dollar Tree

One pack contains all of these words and phrases! Isn’t that awesome! Run, don’t walk to your local Dollar Tree to see if you can find these! 

wooden words from the Dollar Tree

I chose Farm Fresh because this will be going on our farmhouse mantel for the fall. Doesn’t that look fabulous?! 

farm fresh pumpkin frame

At this point, I thought I was finished, and honestly, if I was, I think it looks perfectly complete. Then I remembered the moss that I had just pulled out of these gorgeous Florida trees! That took it up just the notch that it needed! 

farm fresh pumpkin frame

How Do You Like Our Farm Fresh Pumpkin Frame?

farm fresh pumpkin frame

farm fresh pumpkin frame

I hope you enjoyed this fall DIY! Leave me a comment below, sign up for free emails, and find me on Facebook to follow me there for live crafts and diys! Just go to the top of this page and click Facebook! God bless my friend! 

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dollar tree farm fresh pumpkin frame

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