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Fabric Christmas Tree Garland That Will Look Great on Your Mantel!

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Do you change up your mantel decor for each holiday? I’ve only had fireplaces to decorate for about four years now, since we’ve moved into our farmhouse! Mantels only a couple of years, because we had to build them ourselves. This fabric Christmas tree garland would look great on a mantel, shelf, or across the top of an entertainment center. 

Supplies Needed for this DIY :

  • Fabric of your choice
  • Felt for backing (optional)
  • Jute twine
  • Grapevine decor balls
  • Twigs and tree bark
  • Stars
  • Raffia
  • Hot glue and scissors or rotary blade

green buffalo plaid cut into a tree shape

The fabric that I chose for this garland was a green buffalo plaid and a plain burlap. 

burlap fabric cut into tree shape

hot gluing white fabric tree shapes together

The no sew method is perfect to use for this garland, but you can sew them if you want. And before you say anything, this is an old self healing mat that has seen better days, so I actually do not recommend using hot glue on them. I used white felt to back the green fabric, because it was very light and it needed more weight on it. The felt was the perfect choice. 

cutting off excess white fabric from tree shapes

After you glue and trim your tree shapes, leaving the bottom open, use pillow fiberfill to stuff them. 

cotton to stuff white fabric tree shape with

Then glue the bottom closed, leaving a small opening for a trunk, using a silicon wand to help seal the sides of the bottom. You can find these at the Dollar Tree or they also sell them on Amazon. 

adding green buffalo plaid to white fabric tree shape

adding stem to green buffalo plaid tree shape

For the green trees, I used twigs for trunks. For the burlap trees, I used tree bark for trunks. 

bark to add to stuffed burlap tree shape

adding bark to stuffed burlap tree shape

These are very simple trees to make! I even made more in other prints just to place in various empty spots like dough bowls and baskets.  

stick added to stuffed green buffalo plaid tree shape

A wooden gold star was added to the green trees. 

adding star to stuffed green buffalo plaid tree shape

And a raffia bow was added to the burlap trees. 

adding a raffia bow to stuffed burlap tree shape

stuffed burlap tree shape with a raffia bow

Next, I started adding them to a piece of jute twine. I used five total trees for this garland, so I placed a green tree right in the center of the jute twine with hot glue. 

stuffed white fabric tree shape with stick in it

Between the trees, I added grapevine decor balls along the jute twine. 

grapevine balls

 One small, one large, one small, in that order. 

stringing grapevine balls on jute

Just like this. 

three grapevine balls on a string with a star added

After I added the first set of grapevine balls, I added a burlap tree to either side of the middle green tree. I used a large crochet needle to help thread the jute through the balls. 

three grapevine balls on a string with a star and a stuffed burlap tree shape

The grapevine ball colors were also alternated as you can see here. 

string of grapevine balls with three stuffed fabric tree shapes

And here is the finished garland hanging from our mantel! 

string of grapevine balls with five stuffed fabric tree shapes hung on a fireplace

What do you think about my fabric Christmas tree garland?

fabric Christmas tree garland

I love the rustic appeal! What about you? What colors would you use? You could also use wooden beads instead of the grapevine balls. 

fabric Christmas tree garland

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fabric tree garland

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