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Easy DIY Farmhouse Pumpkin Pillow

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Hey again! I know I haven’t posted much, but it’s not because we don’t have anything to talk about, because we always have some project in progress at our farmhouse! One of today’s was a fall themed pillow for our guest bedroom. We were gifted an antique bedroom set that my mom used for my Nanny when she cared for her before my Nanny passed away. Even though it wasn’t a piece that my Nanny owned in her own home, I still feel like we have a little bit bigger piece of her with us now.

Onto the pillow.. I am doing the bedding in farmhouse style of course and the colors are white, off white, cream, etc.. I found some really cute coordinating fuzzy pillows at Walmart today for only $5 each! Woot! But I thought it still needed more.

I had picked up a couple of cotton table napkins (at least I think that’s what they are – I honestly don’t know what they are) at Goodwill recently. I follow an amazing crafter, Brooke Riley over at Re-Fabbed, and one of her tips is to look for placemats at thrift stores to use for DIY pillows. So, when I saw these, I thought “why not!”

Well, I sure am glad I did! Because pillows are expensive and cute pillows are even more expensive, so if I can make my own and save some money, I’m all about that. I had some old pillows that I didn’t really use or like, so I grabbed those and got to work!

Quick tip! To always have stuffing on hand, without paying full price, buy cheap pillows and take the stuffing from those!

We have a Cameo Silhouette cutting machine, so I cut a pumpkin out of some vinyl to use on my pillow. This is the vinyl that I use – ARHIKY HTV . I started out by ironing that on first. (*affiliate links)

After that was applied, I lined up the edges and started hot gluing the seam. Yes, I said hot glue! I didn’t title this Easy DIY for nothing! It glued up so nicely. You would never know that it wasn’t sewn. I was kind of impressed. Lol

I glued all the way around but left one corner open and let it set for a few minutes to let the glue dry. I then started stuffing! You want to stuff until you think you’ve overstuffed and then play around with the stuffing so you don’t have any lumps or bumps. After the stuffing was nice and even and full, I finished up gluing the seam.

I squished it and punched it to even out the stuffing inside and to make sure the corners were stuffed, and then I added it to the our guest bed! What do you think!? If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can always paint a pumpkin onto your pillow or buy a pre-made iron on appliqué, or leave it blank! It’s up to you! Thanks for visiting our blog! Have a blessed evening!

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