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Dollar Tree Wooden Tray DIY: a Three Tiered Shelf

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Have you browsed the wooden section of the Dollar Tree lately? They offer these adorable miniature wooden trays. If you can find at least three of them, you can make your own Dollar Tree wood shelf! I made one recently to display earrings that I make for a local craft fair. You could use it for crafting supplies, to hold powder room elements, use it for your k-cups, and more! Let me show you how to make this fun Dollar Tree tiered wooden tray! Make sure to join our email family below for more Dollar store wooden craft ideas!

Step one: Attach paint mixing sticks to the Dollar Tree wooden tray

This has got to be one of the easiest diys that I’ve ever done. There are literally three steps. The first step is to attach two gallon size paint mixing sticks to the short ends of one of the wooden trays.

a small wooden crate with two paint mixing sticks stapled to one short edge of the crate with a pair of scissors nearby

You want to use a staple gun for this process. You could also use wood glue if you prefer, but the staples will make it sturdier.

a small wooden crate with two paint mixing sticks stapled to one short edge of the crate with a pair of scissors nearby

The stapler that I have is an Arrow brand staple gun from Home Depot. You can also get them on Amazon sometimes. This electronic stapler is a lifesaver especially if you suffer with arthritis or carpel tunnel.

using an Arrow brand staple gun to attach paint mixing sticks to the side of a wooden crate to make a shelf

After the first tray is stapled to the paint mixing sticks, align the other trays underneath like so. You will notice here that I started over by pulling the staples out using one of these staple removers and stapled from the outside instead. I did this because I could not fit the staple gun snugly enough inside the tray to secure the paint stick well enough.

three small wooden trays laying on their short edges with two paint mixing sticks laying on top ready to be attached using staples

Just make sure to staple them evenly, so it looks nice since they will be on the outside. An idea to cover those staples up would be to decoupage a napkin onto the shelf after it’s put together.

three wooden trays spaced apart equally to the length of paint mixing sticks that are attached to one edge using staples

After you put the paint mixing sticks onto the short edge of the trays, add another set of them along the adjacent edge of the corners. I did this because I did not add sticks onto the opposite side because I was using this for a display shelf. You could add the sticks to the opposite side instead though.

Step two: Paint the tiered shelf

Next, we’re going to spray paint the Dollar Tree tiered wooden tray shelf using this Vintage Teal color from Rust-Oleum. Make sure to spray paint outside. Avoid doing so on a windy day. Test the wind direction to make sure you spray in the same direction the wind is blowing so you are not spraying paint back on yourself. Also, make sure to not spray towards any vehicles, your house, pets, bodies of water, plants, or trees. Make sure to use a piece of cardboard to catch your overspray as well.

Rust-Oleum satin spray paint in a blue color being held by a hand outside with a gravel driveway underneath

As you can see here, the staples don’t look bad as long as you line them up and don’t just go crazy with it. Lol I love the blue color! What color will you paint yours?

a blue three tier display shelf sitting on a wood floor

Step three: Add tack details

The last thing I did was added metal thumbtacks to the other side of the trays to give it a finished look.

the bottom shelf of a tiered display shelf with added tacks for decoration

The wood on these trays is very soft, so the tacks just pushed right through easily. I thought it was a nice added detail. What do you think?

a hand showing a blue tiered tray shelf with added metal tacks for decoration

But again, if you would like a sturdier shelf, you can add the paint sticks along this opposite side as well. I was using this as a display piece, so I wanted that front side to be exposed.

a blue tiered display shelf sitting on a white table with other crafting supplies laying around

I really do like how it turned out!

a blue tiered display shelf sitting on a wooden surface beside a fir tree being used to display earrings

I hope you enjoyed this simple dollar store diy and that it inspires you to make something similar for yourself! I would love to know what you think about this project, so let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure to join our email family for free diys and crafts sent to your inbox! Thanks for visiting our blog and God bless friends!

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A blue wooden tiered tray shelf displaying earrings with the words Dollar Tree wooden tray 3 tier display project on the image

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  1. Virginia Gregg

    I remember you showing this for your craft fair. No telling what all you can use this for. I’m thinking different size beads in each, little tidbits of stuff, be cute in the kitchen for coffee pods, bathroom for qtips, cotton balls, etc. This is so cute and a great idea!❤️❤️

    1. JRandLBriska

      Thank you so much, Ms Kathy! All great ideas!

  2. Sharii Spencer

    I love the 3 tier tray. I can think of many uses for it. I am re-doing/reorganizing my craft area and know I will fund a use for one of these.
    Thank you for sharing this project with us.

    1. JRandLBriska

      You’re very welcome! I’m so glad you found it helpful!

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