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DIY Zip Code Sign for Your Gallery Wall

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Are you trying to add fun location pieces to your gallery wall, but you’re on a budget? Make one yourself! I was inspired by Brooke, over at Re-Fabbed, to make one of these! I just loved hers, so we are showing you this adorable DIY zip code sign that you can make with just a few inexpensive elements! Let’s get started! 

Supplies needed for your diy zip code sign!

First thing to do is to take your frame apart. You don’t need the border inside of the frame, nor do you need the glass, take those out. The only thing you need is the frame itself and the backing. 

dollar tree frame used for DIY zip code sign

back of a dollar tree frame

backing from dollar tree frame

Bring out your burlap!

The next thing to do is to cover the backing of the frame with the burlap fabric. Use the backing as your template, and cut around with your rotary cutter. If you don’t have a rotary cutter, trace using a pen or marker (because pencil does not transfer well on burlap) and cut with your fabric scissors instead. After your burlap piece is cut, adhere the fabric to the backing with hot glue. You will then place it back into the frame. This is what you will end up with. 

DIY zip code sign using a dollar tree frame covered with burlap

Let’s add your zip code!

You can use any numbers that you want. I found some of our numbers at Hobby Lobby. Goodwill, I think, had one. Another one was an address number that I picked up at Walmart. Also, you could just make them all the same type of numbers, if you have more of a symmetrical personality. Make it your own! I used hot glue to adhere the numbers to my sign.

zip code numbers added to a burlap covered dollar tree frame

I used black and white acrylic paint to give my numbers and frame a rustic appeal to mesh well with my farmhouse decor. This piece is for our farmhouse gallery wall, so I needed it to match. You can make yours however you need to match your decor! 

We’re almost finished with our diy zip code sign!

Last step is to add some twine to the edges of the frame. I used hot glue for this process. After the twine was added, my diy zip code sign was complete! I added it to our farmhouse gallery wall and never looked back! I think it blends in well with our other gallery wall pieces! If you’d like to see the details about our gallery wall, click HERE

frame with zip code for gallery wall

our farmhouse gallery wall

famers market cow metal garden pick and a pack of paint sticks for farm house signs
You’ll love what we made using these elements!! Click the pic!

Are you decorating for Easter yet??

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DIY zip ciode sign

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