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DIY Scrap Wood Candy Corn

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Do you have some scrap wood lying around? Grab it and let me show you how to make a DIY Scrap Wood Candy Corn! I’ve even given you the free template that I used!

Supplies needed for this diy:

  • Scrap wood
  • Free template below
  • Red pencil
  • Circular saw
  • Orbital or palm sander
  • Paint

1. Print the Free Template

Print out this template using cardstock if you have it. Otherwise, use a laminator or tape to laminate the template for multiple use after you cut it out. Trust me, you’ll thank me later for this step.

free candy corn template to make scrap wood candy corns by My Eclectic Treasures

2. Trace the Candy Corn onto the Scrap Wood

We used a red pencil for this so we could see the lines better, but if your scrap wood is not dark, you could just use a regular pencil. Our scrap wood is from our previous pool deck so it is very dark and worn.

someone tracing a Candy Corn template onto a piece of scrap wood

3. Flip the Template and Trace Again

Now, you want to flip the template over and trace it again. Continuing doing so until you don’t have anymore scrap wood. If your scrap wood is wider than this, you might want to cut it into strips before you do this step. These are just 2×6 boards.

someone tracing a Candy Corn template onto a piece of scrap wood

4. Cut out the Candy Corns

After you trace back and forth all the way across the wood, you will start to cut the candy corns out. Just use a circular saw (if you are comfortable with it of course) and cut across using the red lines as guides. Sorry about the blurry shot.

5. Sand Your Scrap Wood Candy Corns

Now you want to sand the edges and all surfaces of your scrap wood candy corns. You want a smooth surface for painting, plus you don’t want to get splinters from it. We use a Makita orbital sander, but you can use a palm sander or even a sanding block.

This is what your candy corn pieces should look like once sanded.

a piece of scrap wood sitting on a wooden bench that has been cut into a candy corn shape and then sanded

6. Paint the Scrap Wood Candy Corns

First, paint the bottom yellow. I did two coats and I used just regular acrylic paint. No need to waste your chalk paint on these.

someone holding a scrap wood candy corn and the bottom part is painted yellow

Next up, the orange. Again, two coats. I was painting multiple candy corns, so they had time to dry in between each coat.

Last, use white paint to finish the top!

a scrap wood painted candy corn

Your Diy Scrap Wood Candy Corn is complete!

a set of scrap wood candy corns on display at a booth in Manchester, TN made by My Eclectic Treasures

I hope you enjoyed this diy and it inspires you to make something similar for your fall home decor! Make sure to join our email family to keep up with us each week!

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