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DIY Farmhouse Window using Frames!

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Do you love the farmhouse look? It seems like farmhouse decor is one of the current popular decorating trends. Have you ever wanted to get an antique farmhouse window to decorate with, but hesitate because of the possibility of harmful toxins? Well, you’re not alone, we have, too! As a result, I’m showing you how to make your own DIY farmhouse window using only picture frames! 

Supplies needed for this project

  • (8) 5×7 frames from Dollar Tree (DT)
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • White and black paint
  • Optional embellishments
    • 2 Christmas trees from DT
    • Grapevine wreath from DT
    • Greenery, ribbon, and pinecone
    • Fairy light set

First, let’s disassemble those frames!

5x7 Dollar Tree picture frames

First of all, start by taking the backs off of the frames. You will not need these for your window, however, you could use them for a different project, so don’t toss them! Afterwards, take the glass pieces out of the frames and set those aside, as you will use them eventually. 

back of dollar tree frame

dollar tree frame with back and glass removed

Next, you are going to glue your frames together using hot glue or E6000 works as well, maybe better, especially if you will hang it. I just used hot glue even though I did hang it and consequently, it seems to be holding up great! However, what you use is up to you. 🙂 To conclude, just line the frames up and glue them one at a time. 

gluing the frames together with hot glue

This is what it looks like all glued together

8 dollar tree frames glued together to make a window frame

Dollar tree frames glued together

As soon as your frames are secured together, you will probably want to cover your work area, because you are about to start painting your window.I used white, however, if you’d rather use a different color, go for it! I used two coats of paint and let that dry. Afterwards, I distressed the frames by adding some black paint. In order to create that antique look, I added just a tiny bit onto my white brush and very lightly painted over the surface. 

painting the farmhouse window white

the farmhouse window painted white

distressing the window with black paint

After the painted frames are dry, add your glass back, one at a time. Place a dot of hot glue into the four corners of each frame, and then place your glass back into the frame, and hold until secure. Do this for all eight frames.

gluing the glass back into the frames

Finally, don’t forget to remove the metal tabs on the backs of the frames, because if you don’t, they will show through the glass.

removing the metal tabs from the frames

Your diy farmhouse window is complete!

finished farmhouse window frame

You can leave it like this or add embellishments. I am using it as a Christmas decor piece, so I added some Christmas trees, a wreath, and some lights. 

What do you think about our new Farmhouse Window?!

We placed our farmhouse window above a shelf in our sitting room! 

Farmhouse Christmas decor

Farmhouse Christmas decor

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