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DIY Fall Photo Frame

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I found this cute wooden frame at the Dollar Tree, and I thought I could decorate it to match my other fall decor! I gathered my crafting elements and got started!

The items I used in this project :

Dollar Tree (DT) wooden photo frame

DT Metal Harvest word (came in a pack of three)


DT burlap ribbon

DT artificial maple leaves

Walmart Apple Barrel paint in Tuscan Blue and White

DT ribbon (for the bow)

Some of the items pictured above were not used.

I started off by painting my frame Tuscan Blue. Then I distressed it a little using white paint around the edges.

After it was painted, I glued twine around the outside and inside edges for a more rustic look.

I cut a piece of burlap ribbon about 8 inches long and then cut that strip in half down the center long ways. Then I placed my ribbon down along the bottom of the frame. After I glued that down, I started placing my maple leaves.

After I had all my leaves secure, I added my metal word, Harvest, on top of the burlap and leaves for a pretty layered look! I cut the ends of the burlap so they were not sticking out too far.

I honestly could have just left it like this and used it as is because I love it! But I wanted a picture of my husband and I put in the frame so it could go into our bedroom. I printed a black and white photo of us and placed that inside and added a cutesy bow to the corner!

And there you have it! A simple DIY that you can create in about an hour! I think they carry these frames year round, so they should be available at your Dollar Tree! I hope you enjoyed this DIY Fall frame craft! Happy crafting!

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