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DIY Dresser Makeover – Changing the Look of Furniture with a Simple Coat of Paint

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If you’re around my age, you might have grown up with a dresser that looks like this. Cherry hardwood furniture was very popular at one time. I actually still love it though and have it throughout my own home still today. I do have it mixed in with other hardwoods as well though. A friend of mine had decided she wanted to paint her dresser, and she decided to just use regular interior paint. I prefer chalk paint because of the coverage, but I also always say to use what you have. She had to use a few coats but it ended up turning out pretty amazing! Scroll down to see this DIY dresser makeover! 

The design on this door on the front of the dresser is just beautiful and until she added a coat of paint, you almost couldn’t see it! Check out how a simple coat of paint brought out so much character to this dresser! 

She decided to keep the original pulls, so that touch of brass really adds to the beauty of this piece, too! Don’t you think? 

Check out this makeover, y'all!!

She left the top the original color, and I just love how it turned out! Looks like a completely different piece of furniture!! 

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Something nice about painting a piece of furniture a lighter color, is that it will automatically brighten up whatever room you have it in! I think it looks amazing! Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any questions! 

bedroom with newly painted dresser

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