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DIY All Natural Wood Slices

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Here on our farm, we heat our farmhouse with a wood burning hardy heater. We are also surrounded on three sides with 80 acres of nothing but trees and forest, which we looove, so we always have a good supply of wood handy! My husband is a regular jack of all trades and as a result, has many tools that he has acquired over the years. So, last year at Thanksgiving, we wanted an authentic farmhouse dinner, so we cut wood slices to be used as coasters for our ball canning jars that we drank our sweet tea from during our Thanksgiving dinner! We had a great time, y’all! Looking forward to doing it again this year! 

Just Wait, There's More!

But that’s not why I’m writing this blog post. I’m writing this because I want to show you our process for cutting the wood slices, the tool we use, and the various projects that you can make with them. So let’s go! 

Ridgid Compound Miter Saw

This bad boy is a Ridgid compound miter saw. This thing will cut your fingers off if you’re not careful. My husband taught me how to use it this year. Pretty excited about learning how to use power tools! 

So, What's the Process?

Well, there is a little button at the top that you must have pressed before it will operate. It’s a two button safety system. Press the top button, while using your other fingers to hold down the trigger. In the photo above, he wasn’t cutting, so his thumb is not on the upper button, but his other fingers are resting on the trigger. Maybe you can see it better in this video clip. 

Here are a few more progress pics as he is cutting wood slices for our >>>fabric trees<<< that we make. 

Wood Slices Have Many Uses

We’ve used them in several crafting DIY’s. Our >>>Embroidery Hoop Snowman<<<, our >>>Grapevine Snowmen<<<, the Fabric Trees that I mentioned above, and Christmas ornaments for your tree are just a few ideas! You could also make pumpkins and snowmen out of larger wood slices. You could even make a wood slice doormat for your garage! What?! The possibilities are endless! Wood slices are such a versatile element to craft with! I hope you will incorporate them into your crafts!

I hope you will share your wood slice crafting projects with us on our social media pages! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to sign up for our weekly crafting DIY newsletter sent directly to your inbox! Thank you for visiting and be blessed! 

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