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Decoupaged Easter Egg Candlestick

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Have you ever used sheet music or hymnal pages to decoupage? Easter to our family is about the death and resurrection of our savior, Jesus. So, using the sheet music pages out of a vintage hymnal seemed to be perfect for this project. New life, such as what comes from an egg is a sign of Spring to me, so I created this decoupaged Easter egg candlestick to go in our Spring decor! Keep reading to see how I made this.

Let’s get started creating our decoupaged Easter egg candlestick!

I found this large ceramic egg at Goodwill recently. Are you a thrift store shopper? You can find some really good stuff if you just look close enough.

large ceramic egg

It had an opening on the bottom, so that helped in the decoupage process, because I could easily hold it without touching the sides.

large ceramic egg

I used hymnal pages for this project. You can find some free image downloads at the end of this post to use if you don’t have any. We also have them for purchase in a bundle in our Etsy shop!

hymnal page and paint brush that will be used to decoupage

You can either tear your pages in small pieces or you can cut them in straight pieces to keep the lines of music intact. I decided to just make small pieces.

hymnal paper pieces for a decoupage project

Next, I just started brushing on the mod podge in small amounts.

adding mod podge to a ceramic egg with a paint brush

Then I would place my paper pieces and brush over those to seal them in place.

adding pieces of hymnal pages to a ceramic egg using mod podge

Continue doing this over small sections at a time.

adding pieces of hymnal pages to a ceramic egg using mod podge

Did you know that you can make your own mod podge? Yep! Just use white glue and cut it with a little distilled water! Instant mod podge!

Once you have covered the entire egg, just let it dry. You can use a heat gun to speed up the dry time if you like.

You can see here how that hole on the bottom came in handy.

adding pieces of hymnal pages to a ceramic egg using mod podge

I thought that the egg needed to be dulled up a bit, so I added some Waverly antique wax all over the surface, using a napkin.

adding antique wax to a decoupaged egg

adding antique wax to a decoupaged egg

I thought I was finished with the egg at this point so I moved on to the candlestick.

brown metal candlestick from the thrift store

This is how I was going to display my egg, but I wanted to change the color a bit.

painting a brown metal candlestick with chalk paint

To show you a little experiment, in the top picture, I started painting the candlestick with a sponge brush, because I didn’t have a regular bristle brush that was clean. #realtalk Well, as you can see, it did not cover well, and chalk paint usually covers very well even on that first coat. Now see the picture below. I started painting it with a regular bristle brush (after I cleaned one lol) and look at the difference. This was just the first coat. So, note this for future reference.

painting a brown metal candlestick with chalk paint

After applying a second coat, I used my heat gun to dry the painted candlestick. Y’all, my desk is a mess. Lol

drying a painted candlestick with a heat gun

While my candlestick dried more, I moved back to the egg. It needed something. I decided to add a little whitewash to the egg using a chip brush and white acrylic paint.

dry brushing a decoupaged Easter egg with white paint

I still wasn’t satisfied with it, but I moved back to the candlestick and dry brushed it as well while I thought about my egg and what else I wanted to do. This is how my creative brain works.

dry brushing a painted candlestick with white paint

I really liked the way the dry brushing looks on the candlestick!

dry brushing a painted candlestick with white paint

Next, I added a bit of moss to the top of the candlestick so my egg could nestle right in the middle. I get my moss from the trees in Florida when I am there visiting my sister and brother.

adding moss to the top of a candlestick

Afterwards, I added e6000 and hot glue to the bottom of egg. Don’t let the glues touch or they will render the other useless. At least that has been my experience. The e6000 will make the egg and candlestick permanently adhered together, and the hot glue will immediately adhere it so it doesn’t move until the e6000 has time to set up.

adding glue to the bottom of a glass egg to adhere it to a candlestick

Place the egg where you want it and hold in place for about 60 seconds until the hot glue hardens. In 24 hours, the e6000 will be permanent.

adding a decoupaged egg onto a candlestick

It still needed something, so I decided to add a bit of color to the moss with some box wood greenery.

adding greenery onto the moss that is under a decoupaged Easter egg sitting on a candlestick

But, I still wasn’t happy. Then I remembered the bunny napkin that I used to make my tin can windchime! Yes, that was it!

brown bunny napkin

So, I cut out one of the bunnies very carefully. I like to do this before I take off the extra layers of the napkin, because it’s easier to cut. After it’s cut, then remove the extra layers.

a bunny cut from an Easter napkin

Then I decided where I wanted to place it on my egg. Next, I added a small amount of mod podge and started placing down the bunny a little at a time.

adding a bunny cut from a napkin to a decoupaged egg

Work your way down the bunny, adding small amounts of mod podge as you go, using a large bristle brush to tap the napkin down into the mod podge, until the bunny is completely attached.

a decoupaged Easter egg on top of a painted candlestick

Once it all dry, add another coat of mod podge over the bunny to seal it.

a decoupaged Easter egg on top of a painted candlestick

I think I’m finally happy with it! What do you think?

a decoupaged Easter egg on top of a painted candlestick

Isn’t Peter Rabbit cute?!

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a decoupaged Easter egg on top of a painted candlestick

I hope you enjoyed this Easter diy and that is inspires you to make something similar for your home! Let us know what you think in the comments below! Also, join our email family to see what we’re up to each week!

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Supplies needed to make a decoupaged Easter egg candlestick :

  • Large egg; can be glass, plastic, paper mache, foam, etc.
  • Hymnal pages : free image downloads below
  • Easter or Spring napkin
  • Candlestick
  • Mod podge
  • Paint and brushes
  • Heat gun
  • Moss
  • Greenery
  • Hot glue
  • E6000

Enjoy this free download of some hymnal pages perfect for Easter!

Easter hymnal pages for decoupage projects

Easter hymnal pages for decoupage projects

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