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Decorating with Thrift Store Finds – Six Awesome Ideas and Diys!

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If you’re anything like me, you try to pinch your pennies when it comes to home decor. Have you priced retail home decor lately? Yikes! Let me show you some things to always look for when you head to the thrift stores. I’ll also show you how you can turn those thrifted picks into trendy pieces for your home! No one will ever know that you’ve been decorating with thrift store finds!

Wall Vase Farmhouse Makeover

I passed this one up the first time around, because I’m just not a fan of this muted green on this wall vase. How many times do you go down an aisle at the thrift store? Twice. I go up and then I go down, because hidden gems can be found behind other items and if you don’t look from both directions, you might miss a treasure! You definitely couldn’t miss this one, but I’m sure glad that I made that second round back down that aisle. On second thought, I grabbed it. So glad I grabbed it!

green metal wall vase from Goodwill thrift store

Because look at it now!

You’d never know it was green before! This piece is on our gallery wall right inside our front entrance. You can see it in the top picture above. How fabulous this turned out! So, next time you see a wall vase like this, look past that outdated exterior and imagine what it could be! And then grab it! Lol

metal wall vase given a farmhouse look

Thrifted Footstool Transformation

I’m really surprised that these were not already snatched up, but I guess it was my lucky day! You either love this style, or you’re a diyer like me and you see something else in it. I definitely don’t love this style. Lol That fringe kind of made me nervous, because I wasn’t sure how easy it was going to be to deconstruct it. I threw those little cuties in my shopping cart and you should, too, if you ever find any!

footstool from Goodwill / how to transform a thrifted footstool

How much fun are these “new” Christmas foot stools?!

Did you just scroll back up to make sure it was the same stool? Haha! I promise it is! Lol This Christmas fabric was calling my name during a Hobby Lobby trip, and it was perfect for this project! These puppies did not last long at all after I gave them a fresh new look! We have a booth in our local antique store and they were snatched up quickly! If I were using this in our Christmas decor, I would put this in front of our Christmas tree and prop a gift on them. If you do use the footstools as intended, you may want to treat them with scotch guard.

thrift store footstool transformation

How to Turn a Thrifted Frame and Wood Spindles into a Table!

Every time I go to the thrift store, I always hit up the frame aisle! Specifically, I look for frames with decorative motifs and frames with no backing. If the backing is not there, they are usually half the price as they normally would be. A lot of times, you don’t need the backing, as in with this diy! Another thing we always look for at thrift stores and antique stores are wooden spindles. We picked these up for $3 a piece and cut them in half for this project.

a thrift store frame and thrifted spindles

Would you look at that table!!

With a little paint and some added wood, we made a cute farmhouse style table! Maybe you already have a stash of frames that you need to use. We have lots of ideas for how you can use frames in your decor!

a table made from a frame and some wooden spindles and wood planks

Transform a Mirror from Goodwill into Your New Kitchen Menu Board!

Mirrors are another good pick, because they make the best chalk board signs in my opinion! This one got transformed into a menu board for our dining room! Always be on the lookout for these rectangular mirrors especially.

mirror from the thrift store

On this week’s menu is a new chalk board!

Isn’t that fun?! I used some vinyl to cut out permanent decals for our menu board, but you could use a chalk marker for the days and then just regular chalk for the menu additions each week. Have you ever made a chalk board??

kitchen menu board | chalk board diy | menu chalk board | mirror upcycle

Create a Farmhouse Tray using a Couple of Thrifted Items

Trays and candlesticks are also things I look for when I’m browsing the thrift aisles. I used the two together for this diy and created an adorable farmhouse tray to use in my kitchen and dining room decor!

metal tray and wooden candle holder from the thrift store that is going to be used to make a kitchen tray

I love how this farmhouse tray diy turned out!

This was a couple of years ago when I used it for Easter decorating! Now, be honest. Would you have bought that tray, the before? You have to think outside the box, as cliché as that sounds, but you do.

farmhouse kitchen tray made from a thrift store tray and candle holder

Thrifted Home Interior Wall Sconce Makeover

Do you remember Home Interior décor? Maybe you sold it. I’m willing to bet you had a piece or two or three. Lol The company was acquired in 2008, so now it’s labeled Celebrating Home. Boy how styles have changed over the years. Styles may have changed, but you can still use the pieces from the past with a little TLC and paint!

thrift store decor dated piece

Check it out! This was a wall sconce, but now it’s a shelf sitter or a tablescape piece that you can use an easel to display! Another thing I always look for are vintage pieces of silverware! This was an old silver serving spoon. Now, it’s a piece of this décor! Too fun, right?!

thrift store farmhouse makeover

So, let’s recap! Here is a list of things to always look for when thrifting.

  • Wall vases
  • Foot stools
  • Frames
  • Spindles
  • Mirrors
  • Trays
  • Candlesticks
  • Vintage silverware
  • Odd, unique or vintage pieces

I hope you enjoyed learning some ways you can have fun decorating with thrift store finds! This is not an exhaustive list, but definitely one you will want to keep in your pack pocket the next time you find yourself in your local thrift shop or Goodwill store! You might just find your next piece of home décor!

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thrift store items that can be easily incorporated into any decor

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