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Crafting with a Wooden Trivet

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Have you ever thought about crafting with a wooden trivet? You wouldn’t think you could do too much with one like I’m showing here would you? But you would be wrong! Check out this technique that I just love to use on pieces that have separate sections like this trivet does. It will leave you digging through your crafting stash trying to find a similar piece! Lol

Supplies needed for this diy:

  • Wooden trivet or similar piece
  • Print of choice
  • Paper cutter
  • Ruler
  • Xacto knife
  • White paint
  • Mod Podge

Step one: Find and prep your print

The first thing you want to do is figure out what print you will be using. I chose this patriotic skinny print from Artist Jennifer Pugh because once cut, it will be much wider. It was the perfect print for this piece. If you order this print, make sure to use our discount code, MET10!

a patriotic print from Artist Jennifer Pugh

I used a paper cutter to cut the two prints apart and get it ready to be cut for my trivet.

a patriotic print from Artist Jennifer Pugh that has been cut with a paper cutter

Step two: Measure your slats and mark your cuts

Now, measure your slats to determine how wide your cut sections need to be. This trivet has 1/2″ wide slats. I found the center of the print, then measured 1/4′ in either direction and marked the print on the back.

a piece of cardstock being held against one of the slats of a wooden trivet to measure where it needs to be cut

The print was 4.25″ wide, so my center was 2 1/8″, so I marked there with a dot, then measured 1/4″ to the left and right of the dot. That’s for my middle slat.

Step three: Cut your print

I love my paper cutter and use it often. Scissors are great, but you don’t always get a straight cut. Using a cutter makes it so much easier.

someone using a paper cutter to cut a piece of cardstock

After you cut that first section out, now you need to mark the rest of the sheet. You could have done this all prior to cutting also if you wanted.

a piece of cardstock that has been cut by a paper cutter

Mark every 1/2″ inch.

someone using a ruler to mark off 1/2' sections of a patriotic print prepping to cut it

Once all pieces are cut, start laying them out on your trivet to make sure they are all lined up correctly.

a wooden trivet with cut sections of a patriotic print laying on the slats

Step four: Paint your trivet

Next, you’re going to paint your trivet. I painted mine so the white background on the print would blend with the trivet.

You might need one or two coats.

Step five: Add your image

When you paint is dry, you will then add your image, one piece at a time. I always start in the middle. Apply a good amount of mod podge to the middle slat, then add the middle cut section of the print.

You will continue to do this until all sections are added.

You could try the iron on method for this if you wanted but if you’re using a thick card stock print, it’s really not necessary.

Step six: Sand off the extra paper

Last step is to use a file to sand off the extra paper that might be hanging off the top and bottom. You may not have extra hanging off. It all depends on what you use.

Then you’re done!

If you turn the trivet, you can see the image a bit better, but you can definitely see it once you’re further away from it.

Check it out in the sun! I hope you enjoyed this unique project and that it inspires you to create something like this for your home!

Don’t worry if you don’t have exactly what I used, just use what you have!

I love it and I hope you do, too! Make sure to join our email family to keep up with us each week!

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a picture of a plain wooden trivet and another picture of the same trivet with a patriotic image added to it with the words turn this into this for Pinterest

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    Wow! That’s just awesome! I like that you left the back slats natural. I love it!!

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    So unusual! Really like it!

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