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Button Heart Canvas – Valentine’s Crafts

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It has been a rainy start to our new year here in middle Tennessee, so this project was the perfect rainy day buster! You can get all your supplies from the Dollar Tree and Walmart, with the exception of the scrapbook paper. I got that from Hobby Lobby, but you could always use a different pattern. Below is what you need to make your own button heart canvas! 

Supplies required

Dollar Tree:

  • 8×10 canvas
  • Wooden letters
  • Glitter heart scatter
  • Twine
  • Mod Podge
  • Heart shaped paper cutouts


  • Red, white, and brown buttons
  • Ribbon

Hobby Lobby:

  • Buffalo plaid scrapbook paper

First Step

The first thing you want to do is trace your canvas onto the scrapbook paper and trim the paper to fit the canvas. Apply mod podge onto the canvas with a paint brush, covering the entire front. Add the scrapbook paper to the wet canvas. Afterwards you will add mod podge to the front of the paper as well. While the mod podge is still wet, add your heart shaped cutout. This will be your template where you will place your buttons. 

Next Step

Now you will add twine around the heart as a trim and guide for your buttons. Afterwards, you can start adding the buttons. I added a little of each color at a time. Keep adding, switching colors every few buttons, layering to cover the empty spots, until the heart is full of buttons. 

Next Steps

The next thing to do is add your twine around the edge of the canvas. Also add a piece of twine from the top of the canvas down to the top of the heart, as if it’s a hanger. Finish it off with a twine and ribbon bow at the top middle of your canvas. 

Final Step

Last, you will add your word LOVE to the bottom. I used wooden letters from the Dollar Tree, but they also have these at the Dollar General or Walmart. I used a glitter heart scatter piece for the O. After your letters are set, your button heart canvas is ready to hang or sit in a Valentine’s vignette or as a jumbo ornament in a Valentine’s tree! 

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