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Burlap Wrapped Pumpkin Wreath Diy

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If you are looking for a simple fall wreath that anyone can make, you are definitely at the right place. I am not a wreath maker. I try, but I am not a wreath maker. So, I try to think of ways that I can make door decor easily. Well, this Burlap Wrapped Pumpkin Wreath Diy is super easy! Make sure to check out all of our Fall Diys while you’re here!

Supplies needed for this project :

  • Metal wreath form
  • Orange burlap ribbon 6″ wide
  • Lots of coordinating ribbon for your bow
  • A piece of bark for your stem
  • Grapevine wire
  • Jute twine
  • Hot glue
  • 16 gauge wire for hanging

1. Start wrapping the wreath form

This is literally the easiest wreath ever! Start wrapping the wreath form with the burlap ribbon. I laid the burlap ribbon underneath, then overlapped a piece and used hot glue to stick the burlap to itself through the metal of the wreath form.

a wreath form that is starting to be wrapped with orange burlap ribbon

Then I just kept wrapping it around until it was completely covered.

a burlap wrapped wreath form being worked on at a table

Once you meet up to the other side of your burlap, use hot glue to secure it onto the wreath. I made sure to glue that last piece down on the back so it would not show on the front.

a hand holding the end of a piece of orange burlap that is being wrapped onto a metal wreath form

This is what your wreath should look like once you’ve completely wrapped it.

a wreath form that has been wrapped in orange burlap ribbon laying on a table

2. Add the stem

Now we need a stem. We recently had a tree come down during a storm and we’ve been making use of every bit of it, even the bark. My son and I had gathered a few large pieces, and they were the perfect size, so I used that for my stem.

a piece of tree bark laying on a table

I glued it onto the back of the wreath, with a large portion of it extending past the wreath. You can add a piece of burlap to cover this afterwards so it does not scratch your door. I plan to do that.

a piece of bark added to the back of a burlap wrapped pumpkin wreath for a stem

Your pumpkin wreath is almost complete already! Ha! I told you it was easy!

a pumpkin wreath with no embellishments added yet laying on a table

3. Add a bow

You can make whatever kind of bow that you want here. Again, I am not a wreath maker, and although I can make a pretty bow using the EZ bow maker, I love making the criss-cross bows for these simple projects. It keeps the whole thing, well, simple. I chose several different ribbons and finished it off with this pumpkin trim from Joann. Isn’t it fabulous?!

a closeup of a criss cross bow that has been added to a pumpkin wreath

4. Add tendrils

The last thing that I did was to add tendrils to the pumpkin wreath. I used grapevine wire and wrapped it around a wooden dowel to make swirls, then glued them down underneath the ribbons, with a large section of it showing.

someone using hot glue to attach grapevine wire tendrils to a pumpkin wreath

This is what it should look like. The end of it is hidden well underneath the ribbons.

a closeup of a pumpkin wreath with the tendrils showing coming out from under the bow

Your Pumpkin Wreath is Complete!

You might choose to add additional embellishments, but in keeping with the simplicity of it, I left it just like this and I could not love it more!

a pumpkin wreath made with orange burlap wrapped around a metal wreath form made by My Eclectic Treasures

I just love the ribbons that I chose! What do you think? They are from all over; Joann, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General.

a closeup of a criss cross bow that is on a pumpkin wreath made by My Eclectic Treasures

I hope that you enjoyed this very simple Burlap Wrapped Pumpkin Wreath Diy and that it has inspired you to make something similar for your fall decor this season! Make sure to join our email family to keep up with us each week! Thanks again for visiting and God bless!

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Burlap Wrapped Pumpkin Wreath Diy made by My Eclectic Treasures

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