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Burlap Bunny Door Hanger

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Do you like the look of those large burlap door hangers? Maybe the ones you’ve found are not your colors or not the right size. Why don’t you make your own?! Spring is on the way here in Tennessee, so let me show you how to make your own burlap bunny door hanger for your front door!

Step one: Make your own template

Print off this template if you have a printer. Then you’re going to increase the size using your scanner. I increased the size at 150%. Place the printed bunny onto your scanner perpendicular to how you would naturally lay the paper. The printer will print half the larger bunny. Then you’ll flip the paper and copy the bottom half of the regular size bunny. If you don’t have a printer, you could try to draw your own.

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bunny printable template

Once you have both sections of the bunny printed, you will cut the bunny out and tape the two pieces together. You can see the tape on my template in the picture.

Step two: Cut out your bunny from your burlap

Lay your template onto your burlap and use a rotary blade to cut a section of the burlap. Make sure you have a double layer of your burlap.

Then you will pin the template to the burlap.

Cut out the bunny using a combination of your scissors and your rotary blade.

Once your bunny is cut out of your double layer of burlap, you will start to glue the two layers together.

Step three: Glue your bunny layers together

Use high temp hot glue around the outside edges of your burlap. Then you’ll use silicon heat tools to press the glued layers together.

Step four: Stuff your bunny as you glue your bunny

Once your ears are glued together, pause your gluing and stuff your ears with fiberfill. If you don’t have fiberfill, you can use an old pillow.

You will have loose strands of burlap that you will need to trim after gluing the two layers.

A good thing to use when stuffing your bunny is a wooden skewer. Continue gluing your bunny layers together and stuff as you go.

After you have all your bunny stuffed, finish by gluing closed the bottom.

Trim around the edges to clean up the frayed edges.

Your stuffed burlap bunny is ready to embellish.

Step five: Add a bow

I love the Re-Fabbed bow, so that is what I’m making for this burlap bunny door hanger. The ribbons that I used were burlap dots, blue glitter grosgrain, white satin, and a carrot burlap one. I tied it together with some jute twine.

Step six: Add a wire hanger

Cut a long piece of wire for your hanger.

Bend forward your wire.

Insert both wires into the ears of your bunny.

To secure, twist the wire around itself.

Then bend it to the right or the left.

Last thing you’ll do is twist your wire ends around a pencil or wooden dowel.

Tie your bow onto the neck of your bunny. Mine is a little large, but I still like it.

I can’t wait to hang it on our front door!

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Burlap Bunny Door Hanger

Yield: 1 bunny door hanger
Active Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate

Make your own Spring door decor with this burlap bunny door hanger diy!


  • Burlap fabric
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Ribbon
  • Jute twine
  • Wire


  • Bunny template
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Silicon finger protectors
  • Pins
  • Tape
  • Wire cutters


  1. Using the template provided, print your bunny and cut it out.
  2. Pin the template onto a double layer of burlap and cut your bunny out.
  3. Start gluing your two layers together along the outside edge using hot glue and your silicon finger protectors, stopping at the ears, then stuff those, and then stop at the legs to stuff before closing the bottom.
  4. Make a criss cross bow out of ribbons of your choice and add it to the neck of the bunny.
  5. Cut a long piece of wire to fish through each ear to create a hanger.
  6. Hang it and enjoy! Happy Spring!


Watch the video below how to create the smaller version of these bunnies.

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