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Bunny Farm DIY – How to Makeover Dollar Tree Headbands

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Have you seen these bunny headbands at your Dollar Tree??  I just happened to see them at the end of an aisle when we were browsing the store while we waited for a table at our favorite Mexican restaurant next door. At first I wanted to make a garland with them, because garlands are one of my favorite things to make! But, I have enough garlands for this year, so I decided to go in a different direction! A bunny farm DIY! With that said, this would make a great garland! 😉 

This first thing I did was disassemble the headbands. They easily pop off the headband, but the spring is attached pretty securely, so you’ll likely need some pliers for this step. 

Dollar Tree bunny headbands taken apart

Next, I stained this Dollar Tree wood crate using Waverly Antique Wax using a baby wipe. 

Dollar Tree crate

Dollar tree crate being stained using Waverly antique wax

Drying a Dollar Tree crate that has been stained by Waverly antique wax using a Wagner heat gun

Bonus! I’m sharing the chippy paint technique!

This next part I recently learned from the friends on my Facebook page! This is some serious crafting fun right here, y’all! It’s called the chippy paint method! After you stain your wood, add a few random smudges of vaseline all over your piece. 

adding vaseline to a stained wood crate from the Dollar Tree | #chippypaintmethod

After doing so, paint your crate using whatever color you want. I went with white. Make sure to only paint in one direction where your vaseline is because you don’t want to drag it. Once your crate is painted, hit it with the heat gun. 

paint a wood crate after applying vaseline for the #chippypaintmethod

Now that your crate is dry, use a scraper to remove the paint where your vaseline is. Basically, I just scrape over each side and the paint will just slide right off where there is vaseline. Is this not the coolest method, y’all?! After you get the loose paint scraped off, hit your crate with a sanding block or sandpaper to even out the paint. 

removing paint from crate using the chip paint method

removing paint from crate using the chip paint method

removing paint from crate using the chip paint method

Let’s decorate our crate!

The first thing I added was the tiny picket fence that I found at Hobby Lobby. You could even make your own fence using craft sticks and wire. Think outside the box. I just used hot glue to secure it to the inside of one side of my crate. You could go all the way around, but it’s not necessary, I don’t think. 

adding fence to a wood crate

Next, add some floral foam into the bottom of your crate. Add a little glue first so it doesn’t slide around. 

adding floral foam to a wood crate from the Dollar Tree

Next, add some Spanish moss!

adding spanish moss to a wood crate

Take some wood skewers and add them to the backs of your bunnies under their tails. You will most likely have to cut these to varying lengths using wire cutters. 

adding wood skewers to fabric bunnies that came from a Dollar Tree headband

Add your bunnies to your crate by inserting them into the floral foam using the wood skewers.

adding bunnies to a wooden crate

adding raffia bows to bunnies

Once you add your bunnies, you can add embellishments. I added small raffia bows to the bunnies in the front. Afterwards, use stamps, stencils, or vinyl letters to the front of the crate. Mine says Bunny Farm. 

adding stamped letters to the front of a wood crate

I added some burlap ribbon to the middle of my words.

adding burlap ribbon to wood crate bunny farm

Let’s add the finishing touches to our bunny farm crate!

A few things that I added were : a small wooden bunny, a raffia bow, and greenery! I love how it turned out! What do you think?? Let me know in the comments below! 

bunny farm crate

Supplies Needed for this Bunny Farm DIY :

  • Bunny headbands from Dollar Tree (DT)
  • Small wood crate from DT
  • Floral foam 
  • Moss
  • Raffia
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Wooden picket fence from Hobby Lobby
  • Greenery – I used boxwood
  • Wood Skewers
  • Hot Glue
  • Waverly Antique Wax
  • Baby wipes
  • Vaseline
  • White chalk paint
  • Scraper

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