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Build Your Own Wooden Crate for Less Than $1!

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Every time I see a wooden crate in Walmart or the home stores, I tell myself I’m gonna get some, but at $12 and up, I end up changing my mind. Finally, I decided that I can just make them myself! If you have access to pallet wood or any kind of scrap wood, you can make the larger crates with those. I wanted smaller crates to use throughout my home in my decor, so I decided on a scaled down design, using none other than — PAINT STICKS! You can build your own wooden crate, too! 

Supplies Needed to Build Your Own Wooden Crate

Optional Supplies to make a Patriotic Crate

  • Navy blue paint and paint brush
  • USA wooden letters
  • Patriotic glitter star scatter from Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby
  • Various ribbon in red, white, and blue
  • Twine

Let's Get Started!

One of the best ways to learn is by watching a video tutorial! I recently made a wooden crate on a Facebook live, and you can see that by clicking the image below! Once you’ve viewed the tutorial, keep scrolling and I’ll  show you how to give your crate a patriotic spin! (This was live, so my apologies in advance for the chit chat.) 

Wasn’t that fun?! Now that you know how to get that farmhouse crate look on the cheap, let’s deck one out for the patriotic holidays! Start by giving it a coat of navy blue paint. I like to use the Apple Barrel brand because it’s relatively inexpensive and it dries quickly! Once your crate is painted, add twine to the bottom perimeter, to hide your cardboard edges. 

build your own wooden crate | wooden crate DIY | farmhouse DIY ideas

Another option for the bottom would be to use additional paint sticks like you typically see on a crate. If you prefer a closed bottom, the cardboard works perfectly. You just want to hide that rough edge, and the twine does that beautifully and gives it that farmhouse appeal! Next, add your wooden USA letters to one long side. I got my letters from Walmart and they were already painted rustic white, so I didn’t have to change these at all. They were perfect! Not to mention, the perfect size! 

After your letters are glued on, add some flare! I used glitter star scatter from the Dollar Tree but they also have this at Hobby Lobby. I then made a criss cross bow using several different ribbon/fabric choices. 

Add some filling, USA decor balls, and a flag and you have a patriotic piece worthy of any home store shelf!

build your own wooden crate | wooden crate DIY | farmhouse DIY ideas

If you want to see how to make the rag balls, click >HERE<! 

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build your own wooden crate | wooden crate DIY | farmhouse DIY ideas

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