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Bird’s Nest Frame – Spring Farmhouse Decor

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Recently, I was inspired by some Spring ideas that I found on Pinterest, and I had the perfect pieces to use to bring one of them to life. When thrifting, I’m always picking up random frames and pictures, especially if they have a really pretty decorative frame, like this one. Well, also while thrifting, back in the summertime, I found this bird’s nest. Today, I finally combined the two, with a few other elements, and crafted this precious bird’s nest frame!

Supplies Needed for This Bird's Nest Frame Project

  • Decorative frame (thrifted or new)
  • Bird’s nest (you can get these at the craft store or you can make your own – look for that tutorial coming soon!)
  • Mini decorative eggs from Dollar General
  • Burlap ribbon from Walmart
  • Artificial boxwood 
  • Printed sheet music (Do a Google search)
  • Blue acrylic paint – I used Cloudless by Apple Barrel
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Happy Easter sign from Joann craft store

First, print some sheet music.

I found this on a quick Google search. You can use cream colored paper or cardstock for a more aged look, but I liked the white for mine. Make sure when you print it, that it is the size of the frame you’re using. My frame was a 5×7″. 

sheet music printed from the web

Next, disassemble and paint your frame

A favorite paint of mine to use is Apple Barrel brand. The color I chose was called Cloudless. It is a very pretty light turquoise shade. You can get Apple Barrel brand at Walmart. As you can see, I didn’t even use a pallet. I squeezed out a line of paint around the frame and painted! So easy!

Now, for your nest!

While you’re letting your frame dry, assemble your bird’s nest. I found these fabulous eggs at the Dollar General! They are perfect Robin eggs, don’t ya think?! Well, the blue ones are anyway. Lol I just placed them one at a time into the nest and used hot glue to attach them. 

Back to your frame

Take some black paint and just barely hit the raised places and the edges on the frame to create an aged look. This was going to be a farmhouse piece, so I wanted that rustic appeal. I love how the black really brought out the design. 

blue frame aged with black paint

Now, you can add your sheet music to your frame.

I realize that sheet music is upside down in the frame, but I eventually turn it right side up. Lol

printed sheet music added to blue painted frame

Attach your bird's nest to your frame

attaching a birds next filled with eggs to a painted blue frame with sheet music inside

I found this miniature Happy Easter wooden sign at Joann craft store, half off! So, it was only $1.00! Woot! Love a steal! I painted it a light shade of brown and hot glued it directly  to the glass. Once Easter is over, I can just pop that sign off and use this piece in my decor until summertime! 

wooden happy easter sign from Joann craft store added to birds next frame

Add a few sprigs of artificial boxwood and a bow at the top and your piece is complete!

Your bird's nest frame is complete!

completed birds nest frame

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vintage chic birds nest frame

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