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Beach Christmas Tree – How to Incorporate Coastal Decor

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Do you live on the coast or just wish you did? I live in middle TN, but love the beach and visit it often. One of our bathrooms has a beach theme, so when Christmas rolled around this year, I decided to have a beach Christmas tree! 

beach christmas tree

First of all, I usually use this white tree in this bathroom each year anyway. This year though, I turned it into our beach Christmas tree with a variety of coastal ornaments. Some, I bought, others I made. 

beach christmas tree

The ribbon I used for the tree was burlap and a turquoise glitter. They complimented each other very well, I think. I used my descending ribbon method and also added bows made with the same ribbon. The boxes you see came from the Dollar General back in the summertime. 

beach christmas tree skirt

My tree skirt was a fish net that I bought at one of the dollar stores that you find on PC beaches. I added some starfish, sea glass, and other shells that we have collected on one of our trips to south FL. 

beach Christmas tree decor

Then, I added other decor to my tree skirt area, including a glass container of shells and a ribbon ruffle tree that I made! See how you can make one HERE! 

beach christmas tree topper

I guess I kind of had a starfish theme going on without even really realizing it. The topper for my tree is just a decor piece that I keep in my beach bathroom anyway. I thought it was perfect for the tree topper!

beach christmas tree decorations

I hung the starfish, shells, and sand dollars, with twine. The ball ornament was made like my other farmhouse ornaments and you can check out the live tutorial where I made those >>HERE<<

beach christmas tree burlap ornaments

Instead of wooden tags, I added small sand dollar embellishments on these beach themed ball ornaments. For full instructions on how to make some ornaments like this, click >>HERE<<!  

beach decorations on a Christmas tree

Several ornaments; like the turtle, large white shell, and large starfish, I bought from Kohl’s and Joann craft store on Black Friday when they were 70% off! I enjoyed decorating our first beach Christmas tree and look forward to having it each year! 

What do you think of our beach Christmas tree?

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Beach themed Christmas tree

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